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Welcome to our Amandla News Bulletin Blog which provides insights on various events and developments experienced by our team, in summary. This blog has been setup to share knowledge and help educate and inform clients on Amandla Pumps products. Send a request if you would like a blog on a specific topic.

One will also find on the Amandla Pumps News Bulletin Blog, breaking news on what is happening at our company, besides booking the various visits as a free to use the service with no obligations right here, therefore anyone that uses or thinking of using our services can avail themselves to this service.

Find reports because of the site visits. In brief, we will offer insights and solutions to problem areas observed during our inspection.

With the vast experience, at the disposal of our sales and support team, we enable our current and new clients to derive the best service from our products.

Amandla Pumps has two main ranges of pumps namely, the Varkie Horizontal Submersible Pump and the Jenny Verticle or Horizontal submersible pumps.

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Developments and progress in the past 24 Months

Developments and progress in the past 24 MonthsAbout the development processAmandla Pumps’ development is driven by feedback received from its clients through the sales support team. Our out of the box approach puts the company in a good position to overcome the challenges provided by our customers. Through this process, we identify potential improvements to […]


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