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Amandla Pumps post articles on-site visits and site surveys come as a free service to our existing and prospective clients.

Site Visits and Surveys Aims

The aim of this free service is to enable the best usage practices and application of our products.

  • There are two main ranges of products:
    • Varkie range of horizontal submersible industrial sludge and slurry pumps with a solids handling capability.
    • Jenny’s range is a vertical or horizontal configuration suited for dirty water drainage conditions.

Our Varkie pumps all has solids handling capability from 40mm to 110mm.

Varkie pumps also have a fully recessed impeller that allows for the flow of the product through the volute without coming into contact with the impeller.

The Jenny range of pumps are drainage pumps, with a power rating from 4Kw to 90Kw three phase motor.

larger pumps in the range such as the J90H and M, can be utilised in a verticle and horizontal configuration. Other pumps in the range also have the same capability but we do advise to talk to our sales and support teams for best of practice deployment of the pump as a safeguard.

Jenny pumps have proven very successful when moving large volumes of wastewater.

Finally, request our assistance if in any dought to the type of pump you should deploy and we will bring you a pumping solution to get up and running in the shortes possible time.


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SIte Visit Posts

Jenny J90H – Ghana: To a healthy customer relationship

Amandla Pumps takes pride in giving outstanding service. This was no exception in Ghana with the Jenny J90H and Jenny J90M. Amandla Pumps has gone from a supplier having a problem product, to a supplier with a long beneficial relationship over the years. Amandla Pumps achieved this by going the extra mile. Background the problem […]


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