Amandla Pumps is a Industrial Submersible Pump Manufacturer


We at Amandla Pumps designs and manufactures submersible pumps suited for tough mining and industrial applications. Our two main ranges of pumps are the Varkie series horizontal submersible sludge and slurry pumps and the Jenny series a verticle dewatering pump.

The secret to our success is driven by passionate people who have a love for the design and manufacture of industrial pumping solutions from the vision of these dedicated people and their commitment to keeping up with the latest technologies, setting high standards and ensuring a good service to our customers.

With over 100 cumulative years in the industrial pump industry, we started Amandla Pumps 2002 with the primary goal of designing and manufacturing industrial submersible pumps for use in heavy industries of all types, which would be totally sourced and manufactured in South Africa for local and global use. The emphasis of the business was also to ensure good product backup by making sure spares were readily available for the aftermarket. 



Since 2002 from humble beginnings our manufacturing plant has grown steadily, today it boasts of having a well-established research, development and design department headed by our Technical Director and resident engineer as well as a well-equipped manufacturing facility.


Combining this with our Quality Assurance section housed in the same plant brings about the desired in-house services to achieve our primary goal.


Geographical Position

Our home base in Sebenza, Edenvale ideally positions our company to serve local industries using our products. 


This base of operation is also well positioned in close proximity to the largest international airport in South Africa, facilitating the dispatch of spare parts and complete units globally.



Over the past 14 years of operation using artisans and local people that build our colourful South African Nation, bringing with them their know how we have achieved a range of products that match world standards and that we are proud to call ours. We are now 6 times the size of our inception, making our average growth in excess of 30% per annum.


Proudly South African People of Amandla Pumps from various ethnic groups, with common enduring values, work together to build a quality product, a great company, a better life for themselves and of the generations that will follow in their footsteps.