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The Products Range of Amandla Pumps is a select handpicked range of submersible pumps.

All manufacturing is in South Africa; the design of units meet difficult pumping solutions, offering relief to challenges in mining, sewage, power generation and industry with pumping needs.

The machining of various components is on modern CNC machinery, assembled by trained and experienced people.

Rounding off our range of pumps is a well-stocked parts store.

Our parts store offer ex-stock interchangeability of spare parts guaranteed by components that Amandla Pumps manufactures adhering to well-controlled specifications.

This ensures good backup and after-market service.

We manufacture two main ranges or submersible models:

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  • Varkie 'S' Series has twelve models in the range, with horizontal submersible configuration. The capability of the units is dewatering,  solids handling.
    • The Varkie SVA is approaching the end of life.
    • The Varkie S series replaces the SVA with the same basic great features of the SVA, but it weighs less, has vastly improved design features that will increase the pumping life of the new units.


  • Jenny  'J' Series has twelve models in the range, with the vertical submersible configuration for applications of drainage and dewatering of clean and dirty water application.

Our research and development team are on a constant search to improve existing products and develop new products.

All product development and introduction of new products driven by feedback from our customers and our sales and support team

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