Jenny GDL Vertical Submersible Legacy Pumps

All legacy pumps namely Jenny GDL804 Vertical Submersible Pump reflected on this site are still available on a specific order. Parts will be available until further notice.

New Jenny J4 in the popular Jenny Range has replaced the GDL804. The Jenny J4 still has all the quality properties of the GDL804, with improved cooling and slightly better performance. The Jenny J4 has design improvements to the mechanical seal area, increasing the life expectancy of the seal.


New models in the Jenny series

Jenny J4 4kw 3~

J4 4kw 3~

Jenny J11H 11kw 3~

J11H 11kw 3~

Jenny J11M 11kw 3~

J11M 11kw 3~

Jenny J22H 22kw 3~

J22H 22kw 3~

Jenny J37H 37kw 3~

J37H 37kw 3~

Jenny J37M 37kw 3~

J37M 37kw 3~

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The New Varkie™  'S'  Series Range

Varkie S40 4kw 3~

S40 4kw 3~

Varkie S55 5.5kw 3~

S55 5.5kw 3~

Varkie S75 - 7.5 kw 3~

S75 - 7.5 kw 3~

Varkie S110 - 11kw 3~

S110 - 11kw 3~

Varkie S220 22kw 3~

Varkie S220 22kw 3~

Varkie S370 37kw 3~

Varkie S370 37kw 3~