Jenny J Series Dewatering Drainage Pumps

The Jenny “J” series design is for drainage applications.

Small particles may be present in the waist product.

These applications would typically be:

  • Mining applications (including fiery mines),
  • Industrial waste water,
  • Agriculture irrigation,
  • Construction site drainage or even water features.

The pump range was designed with two types per motor size (excluding the 4kw):

  • A high head, low flow range with a suffix H
  • A medium head with a high flow range with a suffix M

This range of pumps will also work as a horizontal pump, although primarily they work best as a vertical pump.

The Jenny J series range from a 4kw to a 90kw.

All units are available in flameproof construction for underground use in fiery mines where methane gas may be present.

Flameproof units are identified by a suffix X after the pump model.