Varkie S-Series - Vortex Action - Submersible Sludge Solids Handling Pumps

Vortex Action - How it works

When the pump impeller turns it creates a vortex in front of the impeller in the volute. This vortex is what does the pumping work.

When a solid enters the inlet of the pump it gets caught in the flow of the product and is sucked into the vortex similar to the way a hurricane sucks up objects.

The solid leaves the vortex through the discharge passage without passing through the impeller.

Varkie S40 4kw submersible slurry pump

Varkie S 40

Varkie S55 5.5kw 3~

Varkie S 55

Varkie S 75

Varkie S110 - 11kw 3~

Varkie S 110

Varkie S220 22kw 3~

Varkie S 220

Varkie S370 37kw 3~

Varkie S 370