Varkie S110 - 11kW - 14.8Hp - 3~ Horizontal Submersible Pump

Varkie S110 11kw 3~ submersible slurry pump

Varkie S110 11kw 3~ submersible slurry pump

The Varkie S110 was designed to supersede the Varkie SVA110 designed as a  horizontal submersible pump for applications where abnormal waste product needs to be removed.

The motor has a 4 pole motor giving the pump a high head low flow type curve.

  • Standard material construction in Cast Iron motor with a Chrome Iron wet end.
  • Stainless steel 316 and other materials available on special request.
  • Available only in 3 phase, and standard voltages of 380V, 525V and 1000V.
  • Available in other voltages and frequencies for international markets.

The Varkie S110 is powered by a 11kw motor, has a fully recessed impeller which creates the super vortex action, allowing the flow in the volute to transfer the product without coming in to contact with the Impeller.





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