Jenny J22H and J22M - Vertical Submersible Drainage Pumps

Jenny GLD J22M

Jenny GLD J22M

Models Available:

Jenny J22H High Head up to 70m
Jenny J22HX - Flameproof High Head up to 70m

Jenny J22M High Flows up to 60l/sec
Jenny J22MX - Flameproof High Flows up to 60l/sec.

The Jenny J22H and J22M are 22kw submersible pumps. They have been designed for typical vertical submersed drainage applications where small particles may be present.  These applications would typically be:

  • Mining applications (including fiery mines),
  • Industrial waste water,
  • Agriculture irrigation,
  • Construction site drainage or even water features.

Because the discharge channel runs along the entire length of the electric motor the pump does not necessarily have to be totally submersed.

The unit can be mounted on the Amandla Float either on the Jenny J600 or J1200 Float if more space is require for maintenence work.

Jenny J600 Float

The Jenny J22H and J22M are available in standard and flameproof construction according to SANS 60079-1.

Material constructions available:

  • Cast Iron - Cast Iron, Cast Iron
  • High Chrome, Cast Iron - Stainless Steel, Stainless steel - Stainless steel.
  • Available in 3 phase 380V, 525V and 1000V.
  • Available in flameproof construction (Ex d I).


Jenny GDL J22 Cut Away


Application Specifications

The Jenny J22H and J22M models are ideal for the transport of clean/dirty water, in typical dewatering applications.

Maximum product temperature.........................60°C

Maximum SG....................................................1.1



CI - Cast Iron BS 1452:1977 Grade 260
SS EN57 - Stainless Steel En57 BS 970 Pt4. 431 S29
SS304 - Stainless Steel 304 BS 970 304 S15
SS316 - Stainless Steel 316 BS 970 316 S16
SiC - Silicon Carbide

PU - Polyurethane Ultracast HT282


Jenny GLD10022 Dimentions


Chart Showing Test Data for the J22H and the J22M

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