Jenny™ J37H - 37kw 49.6hp Dewatering Verticle Submersible Pump

The Jenny J37H is a submersible verticle dewartering pump, also a new pump in the Jenny Range of dewatering vertical submersible pumps. Its design slots this pump between the J22 asnd the J90, ideally suited to pump clean and dirty water where small particles may be present.

jenny j37h verticle submersible pump

jenny j37h verticle submersible pump

 J37H - 37kw - 49.6hp - 3PH

Jenny J37H Test Data

Test Data: Medium Water @ 20 degrees Celcius, 0.9983kg/dm3, Altitude 1600m above sea level

Tolerances according ISO 9906 Annex A

J37H Performance Curve

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