Submersible Horizontal Sludge and Slurry Pumps

Amandla Pumps design and manufacture Varkie SVA Submersible Horizontal sludge and slurry pumps with solids handling capability of up to 110mm.

Varkie™ by Amandla Pumps

Varkie™ is an Amandla Pumps registered trade name with the registered trade mark for the SVA and S series of pumps.

These versatile dewatering, sludge and slurry pumps have a solid handling capability from 35mm on the SVA-40 to 110mm on the SVA-220 handling up to an SG of 1.3.

New Range

The Varkie S-Series are the models that have supersede the SVA series. Nothing much will change in the basic operation of the pump.

This redesign is in keeping with Amandla Pumps policy of continually improving through research and development, resulting in redesign to produce an aesthetically a better looking product, more efficient performance, lower weight and having greater longevity of service.


When the level, of the product being pumped, drops below the top of the pump inlet, the pump looses its prime and stops pumping, makes a snorting sound similar to that of a wild pig, thus getting the name of Varkie which is an Afrikaans word meaning Little Pig.

Available Models on Specific Orders

Varkie SVA Cross Section

Varkie SVA Cross Section

Varkie SVA40

Varkei SVA55

Varkie SVA75

Varkie SVA110

Varkie SVA220


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The New Varkie S Series Range

New models to Jenny GDL J Series Range