Varkie S370 37kW 49.62Hp Horizontal Submersible Pump

Varkie S370 37kW 49.62Hp

Varkie S370 37kW 49.62Hp

The Varkie S370 is a new pump in our popular Varkie sludge and slurry pump range. It has a horizontal configration designed as a portable type horizontal submersible sludge and slurry pump for applications where abnormal waste product needs to be removed.

This pump has a solids handling capability or up to 110mm.

The motor has a 4 pole motor giving the pump a high head low flow type curve.

  • Standard material construction in Cast Iron motor with a Chrome Iron wet end.
  • Stainless steel 316 and other materials available on special request.
  • Available only in 3 phase, and standard voltages of 380V, 525V and 1000V.
  • Available in other voltages and frequencies for international markets.

The S370 is powered by a 37kw motor, has a fully recessed impeller which creates the super vortex action, allowing the flow in the volute to transfer the product without coming in to contact with the Impeller.


This pump is capable of solids handling up to 95mm. Within the Varkie S Range this pump has the second highest head in comparison to flow.

The S370 has a weight of 630kg and has Drag Skis mounted to facilitating handling.

The S Series pumps have a horizontal configuration, which allows the pumps to stop pumping (by sucking air) when the water level gets below the top of the guard inlet (SH). This ensures cooling on the pumps motor by the product as the water level will not drop below two thirds of the pumps motor.

The unit snorts without overheating for extended periods, provided the pump is mounted or positioned horizontally.

The pump is designed to work in harsh environments where large flows are not a criteria and suit municipal, mining and industrial applications and are ideal where solids in the form of sludge, slurries, suspended solids or sediment.

The Varkie S370 is available in standard and flameproof construction according to SANS 60079-1

Varkie S Series General Assembly


Application Recommendations


SG Iron - Ductile Iron  BS 2785:1985 Grade 600/3 hardened to 450-500 Brinell ADI Grade 5
AL - Aluminium
CI - Cast Iron BS 1452:1977 Grade 260
SS EN57 - Stainless Steel En57 BS 970 Pt4. 431 S29
SS316 - Stainless Steel 316 BS 970 316 S16
SiC - Silicon Carbide
TC - Tungsten Carbide

Delivery Flange

SVA40 - 2” Table D Threaded Flange
SVA55 - 3" Table D Threaded Flange
SVA110 & 220 - 4" Table D Threaded Flange

Pump Part Material

Note - Pump Parts not listed are assumed to be CI

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