Submersible Industrial Pump Manufacturer

Amandla Pumps designs and manufactures submersible industrial, mining pumps since 2002.

Founding partners of Amandla Pumps in 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa are Gary Parker, Wayne de Mello Koch in 2008 Derek Parker joining as Managing Director.

The most noteworthy intention was to become a manufacturing leader of submersible industrial pumps, built with local content with a good global footprint.

Special focus in designing compact robust units, catering to harsh conditions found in the African and global markets.

Through a culture of continuous improvement Amandla adopts, we are always improving our products.

Today the company has a footprint that extends over 18 countries from Africa, South America, Europe, and Australia.

Over the years product improvements drive development in the company.

This drive in the field of:

  • Design and manufacturing technologies
  • Product size and weight
  • Unit cost
  • An increase in quality and efficiency.

Pump running costs is improved by reducing energy requirements, so leading the Amandla Pumps to becoming a product of choice to the clients it serves.

Vakie Pumps - SLudge - Slurry - Solids HAndling

Horizontal Submersible Pumps

Jenny Pumps - Dewatering - Drainage

Horizontal and Verticle Submersible Pumps