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Putting the pump into a clean water tank and running it will dispel any sediment residue left in the volute after the pumping process. This will prevent drying and hardening of the sediment residue causing damage to the pump impeller at pump start-up.

If the pump is left in wet product for continues draining of waste product the chances of any residue hardening is reduced so in this situation it should be acceptable not to clean the pump as described in the previous paragraph.

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When working with a Varkie Pump to Drain a problem site, there is no need for the use of an agitator. The pumps vortex action created by the pumping process operation is normally adequate to agitate sediments in front of the inlet nozzle, including some solids.

It is important to note that the suction nozzle should not be removed as the mesh at the mouth of the nozzle prevents solids too large to be handled in the volute of the pump from entering the pump.

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