How We Develop our New Product Ranges and Improve on Existing Models


Amandla Pumps continuously receives feedback from the sales support team, service centre and clients, to guide the development process. These needs are the driving force for the development of new products and product improvements.

Development Process

At the service centre, all units that are repaired and refurbished are carefully assessed to identify the cause of failure. These types of failures are analysed to identify trends and any possible improvements. These improvements help to extend the working life of the unit between repairs.

New Product Range Design Process

The need for new models and ranges is identified from the feedback received. This is when a performance or application requirement is beyond the scope of our existing ranges. The requirements are clearly defined to ensure all the criteria are met. The design is done using state-of-the-art computerised technology. This helps to optimise the component and overall unit weights. 3-dimensional models are designed and tested using CFD analysis before any physical parts are made. This speeds up the design process and helps improve the design before any prototyping takes place. Once the design is finalised and approved the process of manufacture is defined and production plans and support documentation is created. By designing casting patterns in CAD we minimise the amount of machining to keep machining time down and reduce costs. Patterns are machined from resin blocks on CNC machinery for accuracy and longevity of the patterns. All of these stages are reviewed and assessed for adequacy before proceeding to the next development process.

Upon prototype completion, the real-world testing takes place and production is established.

Amandla Pumps continuously introduces new products and improvements, initiated by the feedback received.


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