Our Company - Amandla Pumps History

Amandla Pumps was foundered in 2002 by Gary Parker, Wayne de Mello Koch and Derek Parker in Johannesburg, South Africa. The initial intention was to manufacture pumps locally (South Africa) to compete in the global markets. Special focus was given to set up systems to ensure good availability and aftermarket service, which had been identified as a common weakness of numerous local pump companies at the time.

Two ranges of pumps were identified namely the Varkie (slurry/solids handling pumps) and Jenny (dewatering pumps) range. Special focus was given to design compact, robust units to cater for the harsh site conditions in the African markets.

From the onset, Amandla pumps management team was driven to build the products it offers with a locally sourced content of over 80%. This has been achieved and maintained.

Through a continuous improvement culture adopted at Amandla, we are always improving our products to improve efficiency and extend product life.

Amandla has a current footprint that extends from North and South America, Africa, Europe and Australia and has been successful in over 18 countries.

Through our commitment to service we offer on-site surveys and commissioning of our products on client requests.

Over the years we have improved our skills, design and manufacturing technologies to optimise our products in size, weight and unit cost with an increase in quality. Running costs are also improved by reducing input energy requirements.

Gary James Parker

Born: 1946
After completing school at John Orr Technical College in 1963 he started working in the pumping industry as an apprentice fitter and turner for four years whilst getting a higher technical education. Once qualified, worked within production manufacture making his way up to management and later as a director of production.

Gary completed courses in CNC machining, materials control, marketing, sales and accounting for non-accountants.

Gary started an independent pump repair business in 1999 and built up three successful businesses trading in pump repairs, pattern making and in 2003 Amandla Pumps in pump manufacturing. A successful businessman thanks to his family, friends and his mentor David Makins.

Born 1946 completed school at John Orr Technical College in 1963. Became a Fitter and Turner obtaining Higher Technical Deploma.

Gary is currently the CEO of Amandla Pumps.

Gary Wayne de Mello Koch

Born: 1970
Wayne’s original training was done at the University of the Witwatersrand in Mechanical Engineering, gaining experience through employment in setting up laboratories whilst studying.
Wayne gained extensive knowledge in designing, testing and refurbishing liquid ring vacuum pumps. During his service to this industry he started to develop customised database systems to cater for the company’s needs.

Wayne branched off into the quality field still within the pump industry, documenting and implementing ISO 9001 systems and various product certifications. This developed into the automotive industry including implementing TS16949 and all the statistical controls that went with it.
After managing the quality department and achieving six sigma quality levels of manufacture, Wayne joined a pump repair company with the vision of starting a pump manufacturing company Amandla Pumps with Gary Parker.
Wayne is currently the Technical Director of Amandla Pumps.

Derek Gary Parker

Born 1973

Derek Matriculated in 1991, and went into military national service in 1992.
Served his apprenticeship as a Turner Machinist from 1993 with Atlas Aircraft Corporation (Denel).
He served in sales at Hudaco Bearings in 1996 to gain sales and marketing experience

In 1998 Derek started an engineering business, specialising in CNC machining on both turning and machining centres.
In 2008, he was appointed as Managing Director for Amandla Pumps (Pty) Ltd in 2008.

Derek is directly involved with the machine shop at Amandla Pumps ensuring that all components that go into making the Varkie and Jenny series of submersible industrial pumps are machined, and programmes on the CNC machines are of the highest standard.

Derek has proven to be a great asset to Amandla Pumps Operation in his role of Managing Director, and as a competent hands on leader of the team.