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Welcome to the Home of Amandla Pumps

Manufacturer of the Varkie and Jenny ranges of pumps

Amandla Pumps is a proudly South African manufacturer of submersible industrial pumps.

At Amandla we strive to provide our clients with the best solutions to satisfy their pumping needs. This begins with our focus on service and continuously relies on valuable feedback from our clients. Research and development utilize this information to provide ongoing improvements and new products. The sales and support team boasts of having over 100 years of cumulative experience in the pumping game. This is critical to provide the best solutions to resolve difficult pumping applications.

We are always looking for ways to better improve our existing product ranges and identify new products required.

Allow us to be of service to you and your organisation, leaving no challenge to chance but rather to a well-thought-out solution.

Varkie S Series
Sludge - Slurry - Solids Handling Pumps

About the Varkie 'S' Series

Varkie™ is an Amandla Pumps trade name and trademark for the SVA and S series of pumps.

The Varkie S-Series is the range that supersedes the SVA series. Nothing much changes in the basic performance of the pump (duty and solids handling).

The redesigning of the range was in line with the Amandla Pumps policy of continual improvement through research and development. This resulted in a more aesthetically pleasing product, added cooling, reduced weight, and increased longevity of the units. This redesign also minimised the machining required, helping to reduce production costs.

These versatile sludge/slurry pumps have proved to be very effective with solids handling. This is achieved by using a vortex action principle to transfer the product. The “Varkie” has solids handling capability from 45mm with the Varkie S40 to 90mm with the S370.

These units have a horizontal configuration. When the product level drops to where the unit loses prime and stops pumping, it leaves the motor partially submerged. This helps the motor stay "cool" since the motor is cooled by the product being pumped. In this state the pump also "snorts" (sounds like a pig squealing) and moves product in and out of the guard mouth. This helps to clear any product or solids that could potentially settle and lock the impeller.

Jenny 'J' Series - Dewatering Submersible Pump

The Jenny J series has been designed to transfer clean/dirty water in typical drainage applications where small particles may be present. The Jenny J series range from 4kw to 90kw in size. These units are vertical in construction with the exception of the 90kw, which can also run horizontally to suit the application requirements. The pump range has two versions per motor size (excluding the 4kw):

  • A high head, low flow range with a suffix H
  • A medium head with a high flow range with a suffix M

Typical applications where the Jenny Range has proven to be successful include:

  • Mining applications (including fiery mines),
  • Industrial wastewater,
  • Agriculture irrigation,
  • Construction site drainage or even water features.

All units are available in flameproof construction for underground use in fiery mines where methane gas may be present. Flameproof units are identified by a suffix X after the pump model.

Jenny J Series
Dewatering Drainage Pumps

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