Amandla Legacy Pumps

All legacy pumps are still available for the specific order. Parts are available until further notice.

The new Varkie S Series supersedes the popular Varkie SVA Series of pumps. this is done to accommodate industry needs for improvements to this popular Varkie pump range.

Jenny J4 in the popular Jenny Range supersedes the Jenny GDL804.

New Jenny J4 model still has all the quality properties of the Jenny GDL804 but has improvements to the cooling, the mechanical seal area to give a greater service life and slightly better performance.

Research and Development team at Amandla Pumps continuously strive to improve the product range.

This is through your valuable input and site visits and surveys, which our experienced sales and support team conduct upon request.

Amandla Legacy Pumps Varkie SVA Registered Logo Legacy Varkie Models

Varkie Legacy Available to Specific Orders Only

4kw SVA40

5.5kw SVA55

7.5 kw SVA75

11kw SVA110

22 kw SVA220


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    Jenny Legacy Models

    On specific orders only

    GDL804 - 4kw - 3~