Jenny J22M Dewatering Drainage Pump

Jenny J22M 22kw Dewatering Drainage Pump

Jenny J22M 22kw Dewatering Drainage Pump

The Jenny J22M is a dewatering drainage vertical submersible pump, it has large flow and smaller head when comparing with the system pum the Jenny J22H. The design of this pump allows for clean and dirty water applications where small particles may be present.

Models Available:

Jenny J22M – Standard construction
Jenny J22MX – Flameproof construction

The Jenny J22M is designed for typical drainage and dewatering applications where small particles may be present but limited to a maximum SG of 1.05.  These applications would typically be:

  • Mining applications (including fiery mines),
  • Industrial waste water,
  • Agriculture irrigation,
  • Construction site drainage,
  • Commercial and domestic water features.

The J22M is very compact in design where the length has been minimised to lower the center of gravity for added stability. This pump has a full water jacket where water flows around the entire motor housing which ensures good cooling even if the pump is not totally submerged.

The wet end consists of a single centrifugal impeller with a polyurethane lined diffuser and suction cover creating a lower head compared to the J22H but with significantly higher flow. The impeller is an open vane impeller with an adjustable suction cover to allow for adjustment when the impeller is worn.

Careful consideration has been taken when designing this unit to minimise onsite maintenance by utilising sealed for life bearings and two independent mechanical seals running in an oil bath. Onsite maintenance is not recommended, apart from impeller adjustment or clearing the wet end of debris, but rather a standby unit as a backup.

The unit can be mounted on an Amandla Float when required.

The Jenny J22MX is Ex d I approved according to SANS 60079-1 for underground use in fiery mines. All international 3-phase standard voltage ratings are available from 380 to 1000 V.

Material construction ranges from basic cast iron with high chrome iron impeller and polyurethane linings to full stainless steel construction or a combination thereof. Other special materials of construction are available on request.

Download Flameproof Certificate: (Unavailable for Download). Request the documentation click HERE

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