Jenny™ Vertical Submersible Pumps

Jenny  J series of pumps are vertical submersible pumps, designed for dewatering applications of dirty and clean water, where small particles may be present..

These pumps range is from 4kw to 90kw, the 90 KW can either be used in a vertical or horizontal configuration.

Applications can typically be:

  • Mining applications (including fiery mines),
  • Industrial waste water,
  • Agriculture irrigation,
  • Construction site drainage or even water features

Our flagship model in this range is the 90KW pump which has proved to be very successful throughout the African Continent and has also been globally accepted and standardised in other parts of the world as a high head and high flow dewatering pump.


Fig 1 Vertical configuration of the Jenny 90kw pumps

Pumps can be attached to a float the J1200. The J1200 float can be used with other models offering a larger platform for maintenance work to be performed.

J1200 float with a J90M attached.

This  series may be used in a vertical or horizontal deployment.With this orientation lower minimum pumping heights can be achieved. Motor protection is also highly recommended for horizontal usage.


Fig 2 Jenny 90kw deployed in a horizontal configuration

New Dewatering pumps

New Jenny 'J11'

New Jenny 'J37H'

New Jenny 'J37M'

Jenny Vertical Submersible Pump Product Range

J4 - Jenny  4kW  3PH SEE DETAILS


Jenny J11H - 11kw

Jenny J11M 11kw









J11H and J11M Jenny 11kW 3PH SEE DETAILS




Jenny J22H 22kw 3PH

Jenny J22M 22kw 3PH










J22H and J22M Jenny  22kW 3PH SEE DETAILS




Jenny J37H - 37kw

Jenny J37M 37kw










Jenny J37H SEE DETAILS and J37M  SEE DETAILS - 37kW - 3PH




Jenny J90H 90kw 120.7hp 3ph

jenny J1200 for J90H










Jenny J90H 90kW 120.7hp 3PH SEE DETAILS


Jenny J90M 120.7hp 3PH

Jenny J1200 with J90M Attached







Jenny J90M 90kW 120.7hp 3PH SEE DETAILS




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Jenny J Series Tombstone Chart

Jenny J Series Tombstone Chart