Quality Assurance


Quality interchangeable parts, are only achievable through strict control of machining process. At the end of the machining process, pump and electrical motor housings are examined and measured ensuring they conform to drawing and material specifications.


The units are then pressure tested to ensure no leaking and to ensure good mechanical strength of the castings.


measuring-centre-a3All flameproof models are dimensioned and built to conform to SANS 60079-1 and the standard as defined when the unit was originally tested for flameproof approval.


On completion of the assembly process our pumps are tested to ensure that they conform to published data for the specific model as per ISO 9906:2012.


All mechanical seals used in the build of a pump are tested and if needed lapped to ensure a good seal during the pumps expected life span.


All units pass through final inspection, ensuring that when the pumps are dispatched they conform to the correct standards as per customer requirements.


We do 100% testing which gives us the confidence that when the final packaging for shipment is concluded, the pump is ready to be put to work.